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We help recording artists sound their best

We specialize in making your music sound as unique as you are, and in helping you deliver a polished and modern recording. Making professional-sounding records is now more accessible than ever, and you can too!

What we can do for you


We'll start with your demo or song idea, and produce a professional, unique, and modern-sounding arrangement. Includes mixing and mastering.

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If you have already recorded your tracks but can't quite get them like what you hear on the radio, let us make them sound vibrant and exciting.

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What our clients say

Hubert was absolutely amazing to work with! He was enthusiastic and encouraging from our very first creative meeting. Not only did he have a wealth of original ideas for every one of my songs, but he also approached every decision with a masterful perspective of my record as a whole. His care, patience, and precision are exceptional and his passion for his work greatly elevated my confidence as a young artist.
Caroline Colantonio, singer/songwriter
Just after a short introduction of my new song, Hubert intuitively understood the musical direction and the heart of the song. The process from beginning to end was smooth, safe, clear, flowing, positive, creatively charged, inspiring, joyful and customized to how I work best. Hubert's extensive background in music production, playing multiple instruments and being professionally trained as a singer has helped me immensely to take my singing, harmonies and songwriting to a new level. The musical arrangements are exceptional.
Francesca Blandizzi, Singer/songwriter
My experience with professional recording has been through being a violinist in a full-scale orchestra, chamber orchestra, quintets/quartets, a cross-genre singer in choirs, bands and solo/collaborative projects, and a director-producer of concerts showcasing ‘up and coming’ performing artists. ALC Creative ranks in first place in terms of the expertise, flexibility, customized attention and genuine interest accorded to each recording experience. The quality of the end product is top notch!
Emiko Hsuen, director-producer

Who we are

My name is Hubert Razack and I have been active in music production for the past 20 years. My passion is to enable independent artists to produce unique,  professional-sounding music, and to fully realize their potential.

I have been lucky to collaborate with wonderful artists over the years, and look forward to working with you!